Animal Voyage: Island Adventure App

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure App iTunes App Icon Logo By Pocket Gems, Inc. -

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure App iTunes App By Pocket Gems, Inc. -

Post written for the website : The team at has crafted up a fun app titled ! Your mission is to explore mysterious islands and rescue animals that have been stranded! Once you help them off of their flooded land bring them home to yours and for them to live comfortably in. If you're looking to build an exciting animal kingdom, look no further, give this a go!

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure App: Free or Free for a limited time!

This app is available on iTunes And Google Play!

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  1. Like the game but not much to do unless you want to buy crystals. You get SMALL amounts of free ones in the game, but not enough to do the things you need to do. Everything takes too much time. Hours to build animal houses and 4 hours to bake a piece of food that's gone in a few seconds!?