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Zound Me App iTunes App Icon Logo By Copenhagen Creators - FreeApps.ws

Zound Me App iTunes App By Copenhagen Creators - FreeApps.ws

Post written for the website : Looking for another addictive puzzle game app to play? The team at has developed , an audio quiz experience that will not only get your gears turning, but help you learn as you play! You can play against yourself, against friends or random opponents via Facebook! The game is broken down in to 6 main categories: Nature, Technology, Culture, History, Entertainment and Sports; covering all the bases! Do a quick start to randomize the quiz or customize the match to a category of your choosing. Once the game begins your objective is to listen to the sound and find the matching image! It may sound easy, but it gets tough and is quite fun! Test your knowledge out and give it a go!

Zound Me App: Free or Free for a limited time!

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