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Tetris Blitz App iTunes App Icon Logo By Electronic Arts - FreeApps.ws

Tetris Blitz App iTunes App By Electronic Arts - FreeApps.ws

Post written for the website : The team at has released yet another exciting game in their epic series, ! It's a race against the clock, elimination puzzler that will have you addicted after the first game! The objective is to fit the pieces together in a way that eliminates rows and eventually clear out the entire playing field within 2 minutes. If you clear multiple lines consecutively you'll fill your frenzy meter and grab double points! Be sure to use power ups throughout the game to give yourself an edge! Score as many points as you can before time expires and grab a spot on the leaderboards! If you're ready for a fast paced game, give this a go!

Tetris Blitz App: Free or Free for a limited time!

This app is available on iTunes, Google Play And Amazon!

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