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It's Time to bring Nickelodeon to your fingertips with their exciting new Nick app! Explore excellent content that provides endless fun for kids! Games, videos, polls and more will keep you interested for hours; give it a go!

Nick App: Free or Free for a limited time!

This app is available on iTunes And Windows!

iTunes: iPad (HD) Launch/Download Now!
Windows 8 Launch/Download Now!

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  1. When are we going to get nick app on the other devices like ipod touch iphone it should been like that not just ipad on all of it ipad and ipod touch iphone not being fair now understand are working on that let people know being work on other devices too which date going to been

  2. @ Anonymous - I hope soon, more and more games and apps are being created for multiple platforms: Ios, Android, Facebook etc. Stay up to date with the Nick App information at

  3. This should be made available for other platforms that are not apple products. Like samsungs galaxy player 5. much better than any apple product I've ever had or have.

  4. @BewitchedFae - Hopefully Nickelodeon does, many developers are making there applications available on other platforms due to demand.

  5. It's all about contracts and $$$$$$$$