World of Tanks Blitz App

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World of Tanks Blitz Icon Logo

World of Tanks Blitz Free App Game By

Join millions of players around the world in a shoot em' up frenzy of armored warriors battling one another for the top seat. It's World Of Tanks Blitz by the team at Wargaming! Choose from and cruise around the battlefield in over 90 different tanks, across 4 classes, all massive and unique. Upgrade your arsenal and performance as you progress through gameplay. Go to war in 8 unique arenas inspired by actual locations. Unlock achievements and create strategies to outplay your opponents! It's fun and action-packed, give it a go!

Brainbean App

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Brainbean Free App Game By Tanner Christensen

Need to give your brain a boost? Creator Tanner Christensen has crafted up Brainbean, an app that will help you build creative confidence, craft resourcefulness, become more imaginative, power up your problem solving skills and boost your memory! You can play through four unique game types and purchase more inside the applciation to challenge yourself further. It's fun for all to play, give it a go! Also, if you're looking for another brain teaser app, check out Fit Brains Trainer.

Rival Knights App

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Rival Knights Icon Logo

Rival Knights Free App Game By Gameloft

Enter the world of Medieval time and become a Knight in Gameloft's adrenaline filled app Rival Knights! Enter the arena, mount your steed and prepare yourself for intense jousting as you ride to victory! You'll unlock hundreds of items, boosts, compete against players around the world and enjoy stunning graphics. If you're looking for a fun app to play, give this a go! Also check out another great game by this developer: Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 App

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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Free App Game By Limited

The makers of the addictive game Candy Crush Saga, Limited have created a follow up to there spooky themed puzzler titled Bubble Witch Saga 2. Your missions is to help Stella and her feline friends fight the dark spirits throughout her land. You'll burst colorful bubbles, eliminating them as you progress to a world without evil. There are over 50 levels to play with more added weekly. Top the leaderboards and beat your friends score! If you're looking for another fun app to play, give this a go!

Disney Villains Challenge App

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Disney Villains Challenge Icon Logo

Disney Villains Challenge Free App Game

Jump into the world of Disney and play a series of exciting mini games featuring some of your favorite evil characters such as Captain Hook and Maleficent! The free version offers 6 games to play, an in app purchase will unlock 18! They're challenging and addictive! If you're looking for fun, check this app out and give it a go!